Why I made this service

I've read several blogs and books lately that talk about the value of creating a public goal - a goal that you share with other people, in order to give you an extra incentive to keep it. If I eat another cookie, I just know my weight's going to go up on my chart. I'd better not. Public graphs are public commitments - they help keep you focused on your goals, and they can be used both for personal goals and for work-related projects.

How to use it

Create an account. I won't use share or sell the information. Then, create a tracking graph. Specify a 'Metric' you want to track, and you're all set. Every day you can create a new entry for a graph. Right now, you can make as many graphs as you want.

How do I make my graphs public?

On the "Graph Dashboard", click on the graph name, and you'll see three pictures of your graphs, and the HTML that generates each picture, that links the picture back to my site. Simply copy that HTML into your signature, your blog sidebar, your Wiki pages or wherever you want.